Ambidextrous (2) : You are equally dextrous, or nearly so, with both hands, and use your "off" hand at no penalty. Difficulties to do two different tasks at once (one with each hand) are at +1 for both rolls, rather than +1 for the "right" hand and +3 for the other. Not useful if your ST isn't the nitpicky sort who doesn't give a shit about off-hand penalties and such...)

Crack Driver (1) : This has been changed to "Expert Driver" in later books, but we all know what this Merit really means: you drive a car like you're on crack (but can do it without killing anyone). Difficult driving rolls are reduced by 2. You can take similar merits for piloting or driving other vehicles if appropriate for the character and campaign.

Culture Knack (3): You have a knack for fitting in wherever you are, and though you may not know them beforehand, you pick up on customs quickly. In appropriate situations, your social difficulties may be lowered, or you may be able to recover from a botched roll with another roll at normal difficulty.

Daredevil (3): You love to take risks, and are damn good at living through them. -2 difficulty on dangerous feats, and you can ignore a single 1 on your roll.

Graceful (2) : You are extremely agile and delicate in your movements. -1 difficulty on all Dexterity rolls. Botches will still hurt, but it is possible to gracefully fall down, and you'll die before you look clumsy.

Natural Linguist (2): You're good with languages and language structures. 3 dice are added to any language-related roll, but you can't know anymore languages than your Linguistic score allows.

Well-Traveled (3): You are knowledgeable of the ways of the world from your travels and studies. Once per game session, you can gain an automatic success on a non-magical roll to gain a piece of information.

Merits and Flaws