This allows a character to operate a variety of ocean craft. Boating must be bought separately for each craft type listed below.

• Novice: You can handle the most basic manoeuvres with an instructor at your shoulder.

•• Practiced: You can perform solo operations on a few models.

••• Competent: You are a professional and can manage smooth routine trips.

•••• Expert: A trained sailor, exceptional maneuvers are within your grasp.

••••• Master: Blackbeard.

Suggested Watercraft: small sail boat, racing sail boat, sailing ship, swamp air boat, inflatable assault boat, small motorboat, racing motorboat, cabin cruiser, yacht, small ship, large ship, research submarine, hovercraft, hydrofoil.

Specialties: Combat Manoeuvres, Docking, Rough Weather, Tight Quarters, Specific Model, Racing.

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