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Don't know how to make a character? This is the place to go!

Making a character for the World of Darkness can be as simple as you want it to be. It can also leave you balled up in a corner crying for your mother. (or perhaps that's Call of Cuthulu) Whatever the case maybe, we're most pleased that you've chosen us to be your STs.

Our new (hopefully easier) and improved Tutorial on Character creation is here to walk you through it all, step by step.

Discuss your ideas and possibilities to an ST. Perhaps you can pair up with a few players that you can do missions with. The streets will be tough enough by themselves without a squad or allies and comrades-in-arms to back you. As a new player realize that the deadliest enemy is not always going to attack with knives or in a one-shot duel. They may attack your finances with back door deals, or your reputation with slanderous lies of rumors at the hottest salon, or even bedroom politic with your most precious ghoul or retainer.

With that said, let's begin! and to the victor go the spoils.

Step One Select Concept, Clan, Nature, and Demeanor.

Step Two Select your Attributes. 7/5/3 for vampire , 6/4/3 for mortal. you automatically start with one point in all attributes.

Step Three Select Abilities 13/9/5 for vampire, 11/7/4 for mortals. No ability can have more than 3 dots at this stage.

Step Four: Choose 5 points of backgrounds.

Step Five: Record blood pool,


              Humanity (equal to conscience/conviction plus instinct/self control),


               willpower (equal to courage)

            Disciplines (3 to start for kindred.) Abilities capped at 4 after XP spends.

Mortals get 21 freebies and Vampires get 15 freebies to up stats. message an op for more details.

When the Sheet is finished Do NOT add it to the finished characters profile. Email an OP of leave a message in their PM with your email address and we will approve your sheet.

Please see the OP in your respective game for details on chracter experience, and spending experience for character enhancement.