With this skill, anyone who dares to hunt you will have a hard time of it. On your home turf, you're nearly unbeatable. In strange surroundings, you can get your bearings quickly enough to elude pursuit - or to lead your foes into a trap while you get away (Trapping skill not included). This ability can be rolled with Intelligence (to figure out new surroundings), Manipulation (to confuse pursuers), or Wits (to lure those following to a specific spot).

• Novice: Given a good head start, you can elude casual pursuit.

•• Practiced: You can trick most hunters into going the wrong way.

••• Competent: You're clever enough to lure a group of hunters into a briar patch or deep creeks.

•••• Master: You can give most pursuers the slip with little difficulty.

••••• Legend: The greatest hunters alive wish they could catch you. Specialties: Deep Forest, Strange Terrain, Hunting Parties

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