Freebie Points Trait Cost -- these are the costs for your freebies acquired at creation

Attribute: 5 per dot

Ability: 2 per dot

Discipline: 7 per dot

Backgrounds: 1 per dot

Humanity: 1 per dot

Willpower: 1 per dot

Virtue: 2 per 1 dot

Note: Merits and flaws are given via your ST through story and creation.

Trait Type XP Cost ---once you have XP to spend, these are the costs below

Attribute: Current Rating x 4

Ability: Current Rating x 2 

New Ability: 3

Willpower: Current Rating x 1 

Secondary Ability: Current Rating

Experience Point Cost


Clan Discipline: Current Rating x 5 

Other Discipline: Current Rating x 7 

New Discipline: 10

New In Clan: 7

Secondary Thamaturgical Path: Current Rating x 4 

New Thamaturgical Path: 7

Thaumaturgical Ritual: Ritual Level

Virtue (Does not increase WP or Path): Current Rating x 2 

Humanity/Path: Current Rating x 2


Tribe/Auspice/Breed Gift: Gift Rank x 3 

Other Gift: Gift Rank x 5

Rage: Current Rating x 1

Gnosis: Current Rating x 2

Ritual: Ritual Level

MAGE/Numina user (only for ST use. If you are a Numina based Hunter please consult with an ST before buying anything.

Specialty Sphere: Current Rating x7

Other Sphere: Current Rating x 8 

New Sphere: 10

Arete: Current Rating x 8

New Numina/Sorcery Path: 7

Numina/Sorcery Path Current Rating x 7

New Sorcery Ritual: ritual level rating x 2