Just as humans must learn to use their inherent abilities to brawl or run, a winged character must learn to master her wings. With this talent (often rolled with dexterity), you can dive, stall, ride the winds, and find updrafts. For aerial combat, you cannot roll more dice in Brawl, Melee, etc. than you have in Flight.

• Novice: You can take off and land without crashing too often.

•• Practiced: Trees and buildings are no obstacle.

••• Competent: You can weave through brambles and skyscrapers with equal ease.

•••• Expert: No natural creature can keep up with you in the air.

••••• Master: Immense barrel rolls? Blindfolded? No problem.

Specialties: Combat Maneuvers, Tailing, High-Altitude Surveillance, Dive-bombing, Aerobatics

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