The character cannot fly per se, but can soar like a vulture or hang glider – as long as he is not trying to carry anything. Maximum speed equals the prevailing winds, or 15 mph in calm air.


The character can make running takeoffs and can carry a maximum payload of 20 pounds. Maximum speed equals 30 mph.


The character can perform a straight vertical ascent if unencumbered, or can make longer takeoff runs carrying up to 50 lbs. Maximum speed equals 45 mph


The character can carry up to 100 lbs aloft, though vertical takeoff is impossible with more than 50 lbs of baggage. Maximum speed equals 60 mph.


The character can lift up to 200 lbs, which should be sufficient for most player characters – or prey. Maximum speed of 75 mph.

Every dot in flight past the fifth adds an additional 100 lbs and 20 mph to the gargoyles maximums.

Celerity cannot be used to enhance flight speeds.

Conversion Table 1

MpA - Meters per action

15 Mph 24 Kph 7 Mps 21 mpA
30 Mph 48 Kph 13 Mps 39 mpA
45 Mph 72 Kph 20 Mps 60 mpA
60 Mph 96 Kph 26 Mps 78 mpA
75 Mph 120 Kph 33 Mps 100 mpA

Conversion Table 2

1 lb 500 g
20 lb 10 Kg
200 lb 100 Kg
500 lb 250 Kg
.5 Tn 500kg

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