Corporate CEO (5): You are the head or otherwise have heavy influence in a major corporation, and have access to the social and economic benefits that implies.

Hideaway (2): You have a little place somewhere nobody else knows about, fairly well-stocked. If people actively search for it, your ST will roll 2 dice at difficulty 6; at least one success indicates you have not been found. Failure gives them an idea, continual failures, at least four, will indicate that the seeker knows exactly where you live...

Hunted (3): Someone is aware of, or at least suspects, your true nature and believes you need to be caught and killed (or experimented upon, or...). This person may be mortal, but they are aware of the supernatural world and are immune to the Delirium.

Local Ties (1-3): You have influence and/or contacts in an important local institution, though the more you use these ties, the weaker they may become. Samples and their point levels include ties with the following: Park Department (1), Judicial (2), Church (2), Media (3), Corporate (3), Police (3), Political (3), and Underworld (3).

Mansion (2/3): You own a big ass mansion, probably with some pretentious name like "Shadowcliff." You are/should be able to support upkeep, servants, etc.

Nightclub (2): You own a fairly successful nightclub, which is a good place for meeting people, helping people out, and having plot-convenient fire-fights in, etc. Depending on the PC and Storyteller, some might consider this a Flaw.

Occult Library (2): You own a decent collection of works on arcane lore, and if you have access to it, can lower difficulties/add dice when trying to solve an occult mystery and/or generally learn more about the occult. Having this library doesn't automatically mean you're an occult expert; it just means you have convenient access to some knowledge.

Merits and Flaws