Absent-Minded (3): You have a lousy short-term memory, and need to make a Wits roll to remember more than standard knowledge (like your name, address, etc.). You can spend Willpower as a last resort to try and remember.

Amnesia (2) : You have no memory of your past, or at least are missing a significant portion of it. You have the option of taking up to 5 points of extra flaws to be determined by the Storyteller (you don't get to find out about them till you're playing...).

Confused (2) : You have a lot of trouble focusing and/or making sense of the world around you. You can spend Willpower to temporarily overcome your confusion.

Overconfident (1): You think you can do everything even though you probably can't, and you try to prove your belief as often as possible.

Weak-Willed (2) : You can only spend Willpower when survival is at stake or it is appropriate to your Nature (Auspice, Legacy, etc.).

Archaic (2) : You are uncomfortable with the trends of the night. Machines are noisy, coal is dirty, and gaslights make you understandably nervous. All of these things signal an increase in mortal power and just plain confuse you. Your unlife may become a genuine hell if this is the way things are headed. The difficulties of any Mental or Social actions you undertake are increased by two if they involve machinery or technology invented in the last 50 years.

Dangerous Bias (3) You are blinded by popular cultural illusions. You see indidvidual based solely on their economic posistion, social status and racial or ethnic background. To you, a valet or foreigner is a kind of person distinctly different from an Englishman. The difficulties of all Perception, Empathy, Leadership, Streetwise and Investigation rolls are raised by two if they regards persons of a social or economic group other than your own. On any roll involving two of the prior Trais, the difficulty increases by three instead. Your behavior, if properly roleplayed, might very well make Manipulation and Charisma actions more dificult among these people as well.

Merits and Flaws