Clear Sighted (4) : You are not fooled by illusions, and you get a Perception +Alertness roll, difficulty = opposing power's level +3, to see through supernatural illusions, such as those created by Obfuscation, Chimerstry, Chicanery, Gifts, etc.

Common Sense (1) : You are full of practical wisdom. A great merit for starting characters, as you may receive advice from the Storyteller regarding how to handle certain situations.

Concentration (1): You are very good at focusing, and modifiers regarding distracting situations can cause you to lose no more than two dice, or have no more than a +2 difficulty.

Eidetic Memory (2): Having a "photographic" memory, you can accurately recall any sight or sound with a successful Intelligence + Alertness roll. Amount of successes indicate exactly how much you remember.

Iron Will (5) : You cannot be Dominated by Vampires, and other supernatural mind attacks are at +3 against you if you are aware of them and are trying to resist (and therefore spending 1 Willpower per turn of resisting). If you are not aware of the attack, the attacker's difficulty will still be raised by 1.

Lightning Calculator (1) : You have a natural affinity for numbers, and all relevant rolls are at -2 difficulty.

Self-Confident (5) : When you declare that you are spending Willpower for an automatic success on a roll, you do not lose the Willpower unless you fail the roll, due to the strength of your self-confidence. This only comes into effect regarding rolls at difficulty 6 or higher.

Time Sense (1) : You have an inate sense of time, and can with a good deal of accuracy tell what time it is without a watch. In performing feats where timing may be essential (such as certain combat or athletic maneuvers), difficulties may be lowered or dropped.

Mechanical Aptitude (2) : You have an uncommon understanding of the astounding machines being developed in this wondrous age. Whenever your player makes a roll to assess, operate or design a mechanical device developed during the last 50 years, he enjoys two extra dice in his pool. This Merit is especially rare among elders and could become a serious advantage into the next century.

Merits and Flaws