Child (1-3): Your supernatural abilities manifested early. The depth of this flaw depends on just how young you are and on the situations you are likely to be in (if you're eight years old and your cabal hangs out in a bar, you have to figure out have to get in). Quite likely, you also have the Short flaw.

Good Old Boy/Girl (2): You're just a nice person, and people recognize and appreciate that. +1 die on social rolls when interacting with your fellow folk.

Innocent (2): You have an aura of childlike innocence (whether you really are or not). -2 difficulty on rolls involving Subterfuge or Manipulation.

Pitiable (1): You have an aura of child-like-ness/innocence about you, and many have the urge to pity and protect you (unless they're of a Nature that doesn't allow them that sort of thing). This can be helpful, but it may also be annoying.

Merits and Flaws