Think of a concept for your character that is relative to the time period.

Some Ideas are:

Criminal -- jailbird, Mafioso, drug dealer, thug, thief, fence

Drifter -- bum , smuggler, prostitute, junkie, pilgrim, biker, gambler

Intellectual -- writer, student, scientist, philosopher, social critic

Investigator -- detective, beat cop, government agent, witch-hunter

Kid -- child, runaway, outcast, urchin

Professional -- engineer, doctor, computer programmer, lawyer

Soldier -- bodyguard, enforcer, mercenary, Green Beret

Worker -- trucker, farmer, manservant, construction laborer

This will prove to be a great use for staying on track with the Nature and Demeanor, something that will be discussed later in this step. Proper following of the nature archetype can net you an extra temporary Willpower point (not exceeding 10) per use.

Archetype and Demeanors

When picking a Clan as a kindred, choose something that will be suitable. While there can be brujah, that aren't raging fighters, child vampires or extremely violent Cammerilla members generally don't last if at all.

To Vampire Clans