Bard's Tongue (1): What you say tends to come true; you can't control this prophetic ability, and the compulsion to speak an uncomfortable truth is often very hard to resist, though you may attempt to do so by spending Willpower.

Bound (5): You owe some Umbrood, angel, demon, spirit, whatever, and you owe him BIG. This is a Very Bad Thing.

Cursed (1-5): You have been cursed by someone or something. The curse is specific in nature and cannot be easily dispelled. Level of the flaw reflects how bad the curse is; a 1 point curse is annoying, a 5 point curse is likely life-threatening to you and/or to the people around you, and will at least make you and them incredibly miserable.

Haunted (3): A wraith is plaguing your existence for some reason. Maybe you're its murderer, maybe you have something it wants (like a Fetter), or maybe it just doesn't like you. Wraiths can do all sorts of weird things to you, move things around, possess you and your friends, inhabit your dreams or your refrigerator, etc...

Offensive to Animals (1): For some reason, animals fear you or just don't like you. Add 2 to your difficulty or subract 2 dice from rolls involving interacting with animals. Obviously, Vampires can't take this Flaw as they naturally have it (though they can take the 1 point Merit: Inoffensive to Animals, which reverses the effect of the curse).

Otherworldly Taint (2): You have a physical peculiarity (odd hair/eye color, glowing eyes, etc.) and/or just an odd aura about you which may make you stick out. Someone who suspects you're not "normal" may make a Perception + Awareness roll, difficulty 7, to determine what you are. Note this isn't a Taint of Corruption, just an indication that you are not quite normal.

Taint of Corruption (4,7 for Werewolves): You are touched by the force of Corruption called the Wyrm by the Garou, and can be detected as a Wyrm creature. This makes you Werewolf bait, and particularly sucks if you are a Werewolf. You also suffer nightmares and are called by Wyrm-creatures to join its side. Get your ass cleansed if you can (this is going to take quite a quest) or else... I think there's a Vampire version of this which has you as Marked by Cain, and even other vamps will notice it and avoid you or hurt you... and heaven help you if a werewolf sniffs you out. (Of course, all Vamps with a Humanity below 7 read as Tainted by others...).

Merits and Flaws