Group Enmity (2): Some group amongst your kind, i.e. another clan/tribe/kith/tradition/whatever, doesn't like you and may prevent you going places you might otherwise go or may otherwise give you hell in a variety of ways.

'Inconvenient Alliance(1-3):' You have an ally with someone who is discomforting to you and/or your circle, but can't easily get rid of him because of a favor owed, sense of guilt, or whatever. Level of flaw reflects how controversial or dangerous this ally is.

Notoriety (3): You did something, or at least others think you did, that is frowned upon by your peers and elders. -2 dice to all social rolls dealing with your sept/chantry/etc.

Probationary Member (3): You're not on the greatest terms with the group (tradition, clan, tribe, etc.) you belong to and are highly suspect of various naughtiness. You may not be privy to the normal priveleges of being part of your group, nor will you necessarily receive aid when you ought to, etc.

Outsider (2): Though you're not exactly infamous, you have a poor reputation amongst your kind. +2 difficulty on all social rolls when interacting with your group.

Rival (1-5): Someone within your own society viciously competes against you and tries to undermine your plans; really obsessive rivals may even want you dead.

Twisted Upbringing (mentoring, etc.) (1): Whoever taught you the ways of your people gave you an incredibly skewed version of those ways, and your faulty beliefs can get you in big trouble...

Merits and Flaws